How to create a catchy slogan?

Creating a catchy slogan might seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you lack the necessary skills or ideas to get started. However, considering we are on the brink of limitless creative innovations, a lack of experience is not a big hindrance. Today, developing a unique slogan is relatively straightforward. By using a slogan generator or tool, your creation process has been made much more effortless than ever before.

However, while tools allow one to build creative, unique and exquisite catchphrases, the need to input individual effort is still necessary when coming up with a compelling and catchy slogan. There is a lot to consider when attempting to develop a tagline that must effectively communicate the purpose of your brand to the target audience. With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some tips for a catchy slogan.


How To Create a Good Slogan


1. It Should Be Brief and Plain

An effective slogan should be memorable, which is what short and straightforward slogans excel at. A catchphrase like that will stick, making sure that customers are always thinking about your brand and associated products. As a rule of thumb, the maximum number of words you can roughly use in a slogan should range between five and six. A concise and clear slogan is effortless to memorize. Think of KFC’s slogan, for example – “Finger lickin’ good”. It’s catchy, associated with a certain product, creates a strong visual in your head, and is as short and simple as it can get. Be sure to use simplicity to your advantage when getting creative, since longer is far from better in the world of slogans.

2. Construct a Timeless Slogan

Great slogans should be ageless. In other words, they should be able to withstand the test of time. Use words that can evoke emotions and are relatively simple to remember, rather than referencing something current. Coming up with a perpetual slogan is a rather daunting task, which might take forever to actualize, especially for newcomers. However, it does not need to be scary – the more simple your catchphrase, the less you will have to worry about longevity. Remind yourself of Apple’s “Think Different” – while a vague slogan, it carries a powerful message that is sure to still fit their business for many years in the future. Don’t hinder yourself with elaborate references and make sure that everyone knows what you’re about, even when your products evolve.

3. Focus On What Makes It Unique

For many successful brand designers, having a slogan that you can establish as your own remains a critical requirement for getting suitable outcomes. One thing for sure, a slogan should represent your brand, what you offer and the benefits that come with it. In this manner, many people will find it easy to associate the slogan to a specific brand, preferably yours. As such, try to focus on what makes you different – in order to make your slogan pack a punch, try to remember how some powerful movie taglines make you feel. It is beneficial to put the outstanding service or exceptional experience you offer on the slogan to depict a picture of what you provide. Logos and high-quality imagery is an effective way to pass along relevant information.

4. Have the Target Audience in Mind

This is perhaps the single most crucial factor to consider when creating a slogan. The audience you intend to reach will have an awful lot of influence on the matter and can alter how your slogan shapes up. If you were to create a business in China, for instance, you should have a vivid picture of the message you desire to communicate in the local dialect. Converting the slogan to a different language like English would result in a significant change in the resulting text’s meaning. Hence, you should put the people you wish to engage first and consider what is ideal for them. This not only facilitates the slogan creation process but also creates an emotional bond with the audience.

5. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is a vital characteristic that can complement your communication. Your slogan, too, should represent the constant values of your brand. Whether you own an enterprising business or a small startup, ensure the slogan you create is in harmony with other media and images you use to market your offer. If you’re pairing your slogan with imagery, make sure the brand illustrations have the consistent style that you want as well. This will help create familiarity with the brand. For instance, if you were to select a powerful slogan or a logo for a company that sells and manufactures electronics, a silly phrase might not be the best fit.

6. Become Scenario-Driven

Always be driven by the situation that you are in right now and act by it. If a suitable real-world scenario presents itself, take advantage of it and create something to complement or go with it. While it is important to remain timeless when it comes to your slogan, do not overlook a chance to relate to your customers. It is, therefore, ideal to always be aware of the situation to come up with a robust slogan that communicates with the current market. If you’re providing something new and innovative, you should reflect that in your catchphrase.

7. Let It Convey an Individual Meaning

The efficiency of your slogan is encapsulated within the individual word. It should be able to stand alone and summarize what your website is about in just a few words. Also, attempt to build slogans that are clear and not mysterious. Any potential customer must comprehend the meaning of the slogan without having to think hard. Pick a slogan that requires no additional data to make sense instead of an obscure reference to something most customers wouldn’t get.


Wrapping Up

Overall, the art of creating a powerful and fitting slogan cannot be boiled down to a checklist – it all depends on your preference. Since every slogan is personal, everything relies on the kind of brand you’re representing. Remember to make it short and concise, while remaining timeless and individual. A catchphrase relevant to your business will have a larger impact on the targeted demographic. If you’re stuck and out of ideas, take a look at the slogans of other popular brands or try out a slogan generator. Try to think about what your company does best and don’t overwork it. It’s a subtle and elegant practice, but we think that with the help of the tips above, you’ll create something beautiful in no time.

Simon Dwight Keller

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