Architecture as dramatis personae by Sebastian Weiss

Architecture as dramatis personae by Sebastian Weiss

Sebastian Weiss is a photographer and photo columnist situated in Hamburg, Germany. According to his own words, he is “passionate about concrete aesthetics and the beauty seen in city shapes,” which is why we often see him taking photos of big concrete buildings.

He has been featured on Dezeen, Washington Post, Fubiz, Design Boom, Huffington Post, and many other famous online magazines, which is why we also decided to show you some of his works.

The newest is “Dramatis Personae” in which the main characters are gigantic concrete buildings. Photos taken from the perfect angle portray the theater of life in big cities such as Helsinki, Hamburg, Valencia, Berlin, Lyon, and Milan, among other. Each building has its personality and can be considered a protagonist of the city.

„Dramatis personae” represents public faces that deliberately restrains the identity of the object in order to concentrate on its public performance. With this title I intend to emphasize the unique and individual appearance of buildings, which act like strong personalities in public places. This series contains buildings from Helsinki, Hamburg, Porto, Leipzig, Gouveia, Espinho, Nordborg, Valencia, Milan, Berlin, Metz and Lyon.

For this project, he found inspiration in “The ordinary city,” a book by Stephen Graham which tells architectural stories of big French cities: Paris, Nanterre, and Arcueil.

Take a look at Weiss’ play.

If you would like to see more of Sebastian’s works, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and see his full portfolio on Behance.

Dramatis personae

casa de musica porto portugal

Casa de musica, Porto, Portugal

centre pompidou metz france

Centre Pompidou, Metz, France

danfoss universe nordborg denmark

Danfoss Universe, Nordborg, Denmark

DIY Store berlin

DIY Store, Berlin, Germany

Elbphilharmonie hamburg

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany

Euler Hermes Building hamburg

Euler Hermes Building, Hamburg, Germany

gare de saint exupery lyon france

Gare de Saint Exupery, Lyon, France

helsinki olympic stadium finland

Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Finland

leipzig zoo parking lot

Leipzig Zoo parking lot, Leipzig, Germany

living foz porto portugal

Living Foz, Porto, Portugal

Municipal swimming pool portugal

Municipal swimming pool, Portugal

Palacio de justica de Gouveia portugal

Palacio de justica de Gouveia, Portugal

universidad politecnica de valencia spain

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

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