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Backend development is a particular skill that helps in powering the web. The backend programming languages work BTS or behind-the-scenes by handling the functionality of web applications. It has codes, which connect the web to the databases, powers the web applications, and manages the user connections. When backend developers consider Go programming language, they will find that these kinds of backend languages are pretty technical and are either functional or OOP (Object Oriented). Some of the most popular types of backend programming languages that are used such as, PHP, Ruby, Python, and JAVA.


Which Programming Language is the Best for Backend?

When it comes to choosing the best language for backend development, then there are many to choose from. But when you are looking for multithreading and support within a programming language, then Golang is right for you. It’s because, Golang is the most loved programming language as 62% of the individuals have claimed to do work on programs with Go, and The programming language is made by Google and is used by a countless number of organizations that heavily depend on distributed systems. Go programming language is used a lot in start-ups located within Silicon Valley. Developers have provided evidence that the Go language stands out as the highest paying programming language in the market.


Why Opt for Golang Programming Language?

Although Go is pretty new, it gained plenty of popularity among the developers. According to a study made by Stack Overflow it shows that Go has a popularity of 7.1%. But there are plenty of reasons to use this particular programming language. Check below!

  • It’s reliable, advanced, and provides many ways to take care of errors.
  • It’s efficient as it compiles down to just one single binary.
  • It helps in enhancing the reliability and availability of services.
  • Golang can increase the code readability with the help of its simplicity.
  • Developers can adapt and learn about Go and become productive pretty quickly.


Benefits of using Golang or Go

Given below are some of the essential benefits of Go or Golang.

  1. Provides accessibility development tools: You will find development tools, which are available in the form of IDE, plugs, or editors. You can download these tools easily from a Go repository. Because of a simple fact, Go, or Golang stands out as an open-source initiative.
  2. It provides support: The Go programming language provides plenty of support as it offers numerous tools to the developers. It also provides its support through automatically generating documentation from code and comes with features like cross-referencing.
  3. It’s pretty easy to grasp: Since Golang carries a procedural approach, so it’s pretty easy for the developers to understand the language and familiarize themselves with Golang.


Backend Technologies You Must Know About

Backend development stands out as a mystical side of web development. The backend developers keep their focus on constructing the genuine philosophy on which a particular website operates. As a backend developer, you need to be aware of several backend technologies, which will help you solve all the complex issues in backend development. Look below!


  • Web Servers:

The web servers are known as computer programs that deliver, store, and process the web pages to the users. The most famous web server is Apache is an open web server and is utilized by almost 50% of the users. Another web server is the NGINX, which is pretty good for media stream processes, proxying, load balancing, and caching.

  • Database Management Systems (DMS):

The DMS or Database Management Systems stands out as a collection of programs. It helps the users to gain access to the databases. Along with that, it also allows users to interpret, represent, and manipulate data. The most famous open-source relational database is MySQL, which you can access for free. Due to its speedy performance and ease of setup, it is one of the most favorite databases among the backend developers. MongoDB is another open-source NoSQL database, and it’s closely associated with JavaScript-based technologies.

  • Collaboration Services:

Since the front-end and back-end operations are said to go hand-in-hand, so vital for developers from both sides to stay connected. When it comes to effective collaborations, platforms like Trello, Asana, Slack, and Jira are ideal for both front-end and back-end teams to work effectively.

  • Local Development Environment:

All the back-end developers are well-aware of the importance of a local test environment. Using a local site, which is only noticeable to you, stands out to be highly beneficial. It?s because you receive the liberty to try out the experiments and codes before the website goes live. Some of the popular open-source development environments are WampServer and XAMPP, where you can use web applications with MySQL, Apache, and PHP databases.


Why Should Backend-Developers Learn Go Programming?

There are countless reasons to learn the Go programming language in this technologically advanced era. To know what those reasons are, check the information below!

  • It’s ideal for software engineering of today: New Things cannot be great, but when it comes to a programming language that is designed for the environment, which most of the people use today, then many things can go right. Go, or Golang will run on any machine so that you can employ the programming language to create a tool or a web app to clean the incoming data methods. It has scalable and cloud-based servers, which are optimized for high-quality performance.
  • Golang is pretty simple: Although there are numerous other programming languages, Golang or Go stands out to be different from the rest. If you already know the basics of programming, then it will take you several hours to become familiar with Go. Once you get a hold of its tricks then you will be all ready to start coding. Go programming is fast, so you can use it for replacing your bash scripts, your Java efforts, and Python sketches.


Ending Note!

Golang or Go is currently one of the well-known programming languages. It stands out as an ideal option for backend development and takes up around 2KB memory. Using Golang will lessen the risks of crashing and also avoids speed constraints that are experienced by other programming languages. Currently, Google is using Go to deliver its cloud infrastructure to Dropbox to manage the network of 500-million users.

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