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There is nothing better than dreaming about distant places and seeing images of wild nature. That is why photographers seem to catch the essence of every moment they spend abroad, bringing closer other people and natural beauties. Every year, National Geographic magazine invites photographers from all over the world to participate in their travel photography contest.

This year, applications came from all over the world and only one of them had the honour of winning the grand prize in category Nature. His name is Reiko Takahashi and he photographed a whale’s tail in the waters of Kumejima, Japan.

Every year, there are also second and third prizes, as well as people’s choice winners in three categories: nature, cities, and people. See the winners and tell us your verdict in the comments below.

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Category: Nature

1. Grand prize winner: Mermaid

Photo by Reiko Takahashi

Location: Kumejima, Japan

1 mermaid reiko takahashi japan nat geo photographer of the year winner

2. Second place winner: Flamingos take off

Photo by Hao J.

Location: Lake Natron, Tanzania

2 flamingos take off hao j tanzania category nature second prize

3. Third place winner: Mars

Photo by Marco Grassi

Location: Brunico, South Tyrol, Italy

3 mars marco grassi italy nat geo third prize

4. People’s choice: Formation

Photo by Niklas Weber

Location: Camaronal, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

4 formation niklas weber costa rica people's choice winner nat geo 2018

Category: Cities

5. First place winner: Another rainy day in Nagasaki, Japan

Photo by Hiro Kurashina

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

5 another rainy day in nagasaki hiro kurashina japan category cities winner

6. Second place winner: Geometry of the sun

Photo by Enrico Pescantini

Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico

6 geometry of the sun enrico pescantini mexico second prize nat geo 2018

7. Third place winner: Reflection

Photo by Gaanesh Prasad

Location, Dubai, UAE

7 reflection gaanesh prasad dubai uae nat geo cities third winner

8. Honorable mention: Alone in the crowds

Photo by Gary Cummins

Location: Hong Kong, China8 alone in the crowds gary cummins hong kong china honorable mention

9. People’s choice: Traveling to heaven

Photo by Trikansh Sharma

Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

9 traveling to heaven trikansh sharma uttarakhand india people's choice nat geo 2018

Category: People

10. First place winner: Tea culture

Photo by Alessandra Meniconzi

Location: Olgiy, Bayan-Oelguy, Mongolia

10 tea culture alessandra meniconzi olgiy mongolia nat geo category people winner

11. People’s choice: The girl who leapt through time

Photo by Daniel Cheung

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China

13 the girl who leapt through time shenzhen china people's choice people category

Image source and rights: National Geographic

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