Pop Art Lego design by Jaime Sanchez

Pop Art Lego design by Jaime Sanchez

Lego. For some, this was the first word we have ever uttered. You can create an infinite number of shapes and worlds with those bricks. Modern artists, however, can create even more. With the help of art direction and digital photography, the possibilities for the creation of new digital pieces is practically never-ending. Lego bricks served as inspiration for Pop Art images created by Jaime Sanchez, in which he combines fruit and cookies and pop culture objects such as Rubik’s cube with the popular toy for both children and grown-ups.

Jaime Sanchez is a visual artist and photographer from Malaga, Spain, currently situated in New York. He defines his work as ‘visual art with a ‘Pop Art’ style. So far, he has been working with Nissan, Happy Socks, Emilio Cavallini, and many other popular brands for which he created editorial campaigns.

Below, we present you two of his most popular projects inspired by Lego design: Lego Food and Minimal Lego.

You can follow Jaime on Behance or visit his official website.

Lego food

lego food jaime sanchez 4 lego food jaime sanchez 3

lego food jaime sanchez 2

lego food jaime sanchez 1

Minimal Lego

minimal lego jaime sanchez 7

minimal lego jaime sanchez 6

minimal lego jaime sanchez 5

minimal lego jaime sanchez 4

minimal lego jaime sanchez 3

minimal lego jaime sanchez 2

minimal lego jaime sanchez 1

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