Useful web developer resources

It seems that today the web is the richest in useful resources than ever before – which came naturally with the development of programming languages and people just being friendly and willing to help.

If you are on a mission to become a developer or have a lot of lines of code written, there are always new things you can use to refresh your everyday work. Here are five hot web development tools you can use for free.


When you have made an effort and dragged people to your site, wouldn’t it be great if you would just help them stay? Not intrusively or disturbingly, but nicely? One of the coolest tools in this month’s pick is a JavaScript which triggers on-page engagement. What it does is that it detects mouse cursor position and indicates when the user is about to leave the viewport. All of a sudden, a (cool) pop-up message appears with a subscription form or some other text/data that drives engagement and increases conversions. Check it out (click image to visit the website).

useful web develoepr resources - glio
Hey! Check out Glio before you leave.

Flexbox Patterns

Flexbox Patterns is a collection of “snippets and drop-in HTML and CSS” which you can use to build an interface (header, footer, menu navigation, etc.). Even though it introduces some new concepts, you can start learning them from simpler to more complex in the end.

useful web developer tools flexbox
Build awesome UI with Flexbox Patterns.


Writing CSS in JavaScript? Impossible! But it can be done. CSSX allows you to use the same native CSS syntax which is wrapped in a JavaScript function. Worth a try, definitely. Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments below.

useful web developer tools CSSx
Click on ‘Let it snow’ for a special effect.


If you like color pickers with cool UI, then Coleure is the right choice for you. Even though there is a number of colors and ready-made color schemes you can choose from, there is even the option of creating your own color scheme which you can save in a collection after you have registered.

useful web developer tools - coleure
Make a list of your favorite colors on Coleure.


We have all been there: that embarrassing moment when you (or someone else) spots all the spelling mistakes in your design piece. It is easy with dummy text – you need not worry about that, but when a site goes live, it may be too late for some things to be unseen.

Developed with a goal to never again live through that situation when you blush due to a spelling mistake, here is one very useful online spellchecker. It is called Typosaurus, and it also has a Chrome extension for you convenient use. Typosaurus scanner was created with the mission to dig up embarrassing spelling mistakes, even in live mode, with a great possibility of giving helpful corrections and suggestions on how to improve the error.

useful web developer resources - Typosaurus spell checker
Typosaurus: Spelling errors. Extinct.


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