Photographer Creates Hilarious Photoshopped Images of London

Photographer Creates Hilarious Photoshopped Images of London

James Popsys is a digital artist and photographer from London. He composes unusual photos – or better, manipulations in order to try “to make pictures that get people smiling.” Until he discovered Photoshop, he was only a regular photographer, but now his photographs tell stories.

Popsys gets ideas for the photos while walking around the city of London, so it is no wonder that this city is in the majority of his photos. After he photographs them, he edits them in Photoshop for about two to four hours, which is the reason why they are not perfect. And he does not aim for perfection. He just aims to find “the best way to tell a story in an image.” And that way is, usually, hilariously funny.

Besides that, we haven’t noticed any (obvious) faults on the images. Have you?

big ben slow morning

Big Ben: slow morning





false alarm

Lego come to rescue: False alarm

fishing for train

Fishing for train

hotel hurdling

Hotel hurdling



packing light

Packing light

sorry, no news today

Sorry, no news today

spring sprung

Spring sprung



take me back

Take me back

the big wheel

The big wheel

tight squeeze

Tight squeeze

Turn back

Turn back

Zone 334

Zone 334


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