PopArt greeting card for New Year and Christmas

Before we get overcrowded with spam, but according to junk folder it looks like it is already started, we want to wish everyone a happy and successful New Year!


We started as a small team, as a small family, like most similar companies, but still I consider this team as a family although it has more than ten members already. The team which build confidence, ambition boundaries constantly moved, and in addition to ordinary business and professional relationships we create a beautiful, healthy and friendly relations.

We shared the same vision, guided by the same goal, to do what we love and be successful at it. Always striving to do better and with more quality, and to constantly move the boundaries of our own capabilities.

There was ups and downs, stagnation, problems, backdoors and always will be, but it’s nice to look back at least for a moment, to see where we were, where we are now and where we want to be.

Our daily effort means nothing if we don’t for a moment look back and not be satisfied with the results of our labor. It’s a short duration and must go on, and that is exactly 2015.

I would like to wish my fellow developers to always remain hungry for knowledge and training, especially in billiards, to the designers to make even more miserable life to developers and to learn table tennis, and to marketing sector that they target the companies that appreciate quality, which doesn’t make compromise, which sends specifications that are longer than one sentence and trust to team that they choose.


Thanks to all our followers on social networks, for all years of mutual connection and thousands of shares!


Stay hungry for knowledge and success :)



Dejan Popović

Founder at PopArt Studio d.o.o.