Graphic Designed Floppy Birds Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Graphic Designed Floppy Birds Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Something quite simple as smiling to a stranger, or just being polite in some unusual situations can really make someones day. I bet you already were in situation like that before when for no reason, someones smiles to you, you smile back, and the world doesn’t seems that ugly anymore.

Well, atleast for a moment or a day. But sending positive vibrations in this modern concrete jungles  is not that easy anymore, but if you invest some effort, you can really take an impact on global or local mood.

We did funny and interesting project with some birds graphic design  on toilet paper rolls  a while ago and placed them all around our city Novi Sad in Serbia.

The idea was simply to pull a smile on any random person that pass near it, just our way to say hello to people, and not to physically be there. It would probably be better if they all weren’t stolen in less than few hours, but we’ll take it as an compliment, because I guess, people love souvenirs.

So, if we made only 1 persons day better, that is a success !


Graphic Design in Our Free Time

Be polite with me

Lady bird

Green bird design

Greeny birdey

Help injured bird

Injured bird


Are you talking to me bro ?

all together

Family together


Placing our Graphic Design Masterpieces

This is what we got after glued it for some toilet paper rolls and placed it on some cool places.


Be polite with me

There is a lady in the room

Peaceful warrior


Professor guy

Professor style

Just hanging around

Hanging around


Chilling together

Couple together

Cute couple

Baby bird

Just a baby

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