Web Site Aesthetics

When you decide to elevate your business to the next level and take on the World Wide Web, the first thing you need is professional designed website.

While many web design companies simply turn the same design style over and over again, your website design mustn’t be just another copy-paste solution. Website should be the face of your business and make you global available 24/7. Both the content and aesthetics of your web site must be something well planned to reflect your business in professional and positive light.

Web Site Design

Visual communication starts on the same moment when visitors arrives to your website, it is a chosen colour, displayed text, or any other kind of visual expression, whether you see it in that way or not, visitor communicates with your website all the time, and that is why web designer should never bypass effects of graphic design elements. Especially now, when more than ever, web sites are becoming the easiest and most popular for information search, education, shopping, company presentation, enterainment and of course, social contacts. And nowadays, we are living in time where visual symbols (logos, advertising and design) play tremendous role in everyday lives.

Aesthetics in Web Design

The term “aesthetics” in these articles will cover sound, visual and interactive means of effect, but main focus will stay on visual effects like colours, design, video clips, typography, pictures and flash animations. The purpose of these articles is to present importance of aesthetics in designing successfull web sites. Some of the most important roles of aesthetics are:

  • appealing to the taste of the target audience
  • supporting the content and the functionality
  • addressing the requirements of the web site genre, and
  • creating desired image for the sender

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Jovan Ivezic

E-business and internet marketing specialist.